Previous Work

Medial Prefrontal Cortex (2016)
Consistent motion, lift, rhythms of falling in sync wit/against cyclical pattern.
Response to the Negev Wheel by Ned Kahn. Performed at The Contemporary Jewish Museum and the LEVYSalon.

Non-Concentric Circles (2016)
Presented at The Drove, this work is based entirely on material that was generated when Courtney and Chloë were separated by two state lines for a series of weeks. With a generative process structured around developing material each week and recording thoughts each day, the piece seeks to discover how two independent bodies of material can integrate and relate after experiencing distance.

Slow Drip (2015)
Tech zen: direct/indirect, external/internal, faster/slower

Sleepy Jeans (2015)
A November morning structured improv on the rooftop, and lots of jean.

Whiskey (2015)
Physicality: to be sad and happy: a one-to-one.

If A Goldfish Fell In The Forest… (2014)
If no one were here to see, would two women talk or drink their tea?

Bleu (2014)
Filmed while studying abroad in Bologna, Italy and Paris, France.